Sanskrit is a continuum of excellence. Continuum is defined as uninterrupted success or existence. Sanskrit was the name of an ancient Indo-European language that predates Greek civilization. Sanskrit was one of the first documented languages that brought together many dialects into one common language. Sanskrit in today's language means "Unity Toward Perfection".

The SANSKRIT CONTINUUM is based on the following tenets:
  1. A successful fraternity is built upon brothers bound by a common set of values.
  2. The fraternity experience must provide challenge and opportunity for character and personal skill development for all brothers and alumni.
  3. A selective recruitment process assures the fraternity of high quality men.
  4. Brotherhood must be present and strengthened among all members, not just among members of each new class.
  5. Self and peer appraisal must be continuous throughout the years of active -membership.
And most importantly...
  1. Membership in Alpha Gamma Sigma is not a right of activation - it is a privilege that carries with it an obligation for active involvement, upstanding behavior, and personal contribution to the betterment of all brothers and the Fraternity.