Alpha Gamma Sigma-Beta Chapter


Chapter History

The professional agriculture Fraternity, Alpha Gamma Sigma, was first organized as a local Fraternity at Columbia, Missouri, on January 28, 1923. It was the outgrowth of a feeling among certain men that the other agricultural fraternities were disregarding the type of men essential to the proper forwarding of agriculture.

During the organization and growing period of Alpha Gamma Sigma, a similar organization was going through a period of development at Ohio State University. This organization was known as the National Agriculture Club. It was established on October 23, 1922. During its first year, the name was changed to the Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity.

Tau Gamma Phi rapidly grew into prominence on the Ohio State campus and ranked consistently high in scholarship. It maintained as it's ideals that advancement of agriculture, scholarship, athletics and the social development of it's members.

Unknown to each other, Alpha Gamma Sigma at Columbia, Missouri and Tau Gamma Phi at Columbus, Ohio, grew to be among the strongest fraternities on the campus. Each had the opportunities to affiliate with national fraternities but the members of these two chapters believed their ideals were high enough to form the foundation of a new and unique organization. In March, 1931, members and alumni of Tau Gamma Phi met with members of Alpha Gamma Sigma at Columbia and worked out a plan for joining the two groups in what now constitutes the National Chapter. A constitution was drawn up and officers were chosen. The Ohio chapter was designated as the Alpha Chapter and the Missouri chapter as the Beta Chapter.

The MU Campus

Alpha Gamma Sigma at the University of Missouri continued to grow and diversify. AGS is still a strong fraternity on the MU campus. We have diversified by expanding our horizons beyond agriculture, and many of our members are looking at futures in Agriculture, Computers, and Engineering.